Smart Moves for Seniors

An Open Resource and Meetingplace for Seniors Thinking About Moving On With Their Lives and provided by Lois Patton, Licensed Real Estate Salesperson and Certified Buyer Representative with Albany Realty Group, Albany, New York. Also visit us at or call 518-459-4564.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Welcome to the Smart Moves for Seniors Blog! This site is for you if you consider yourself a "senior" and are considering your options for moving/selling/relocating at this stage of your life. Perhaps you are thinking about reverse mortgages, or relocating to a sunnier/warmer climate. Perhaps you are thinking about buying an RV and touring the country. This is your opportunity to discuss all of the possibilities--the benefits and drawbacks of each potential move and change in your living situation.

I am a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson with the Certified Buyer Representative designation in Albany, New York at Albany Realty Group and together with a representative from a Brokerage House I develop and present seminars aimed at bringing together seniors who want to think through their options and clarify their own needs and wishes for the next stage of life.

We are delighted to make this location a place for you to "clear your head" about what you would like to have come next and we heartily invite you to raise questions, make suggestions about what we should include in our discussion and contribute in any way you would like. You have a lot to contribute and we recognize and appreciate that. Together, we can sort through the issues, so join us and bookmark this location so you can stay in touch.

All aboard!


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