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Friday, June 09, 2006

Finding yourself using the word "should" a lot these days? You hear people talking about the great deals they have made in selling or buying a home and you think "I should do something about that myself." Should you? You hear the market is "hot" or that interest rates will be raised soon and you think about your own prospects. So does everyone. Reacting to developments based on heresay or even the experience of colleagues, family or friends may be impetuous. Better to take some time to consider the situation you are in and the one you would like to improve and then set about laying out an achieveable plan for moving toward your goals rather than reacting to what you have heard from others. A better word and way of moving forward is "responding" rather than "reacting." In responding you bring more thoughtful planning and processing of your own needs into the circumstances. You maintain more control when you respond rather than when you react. You think things through more carefully and as a result you make a better set of decisions.

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