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Monday, June 26, 2006

I have a 12 year old nephew who talks a good deal about being a millionaire some day. He has a great interest in owning property and discussing the options one has as a property owner/buyer who leases space. You may be surprised that your grandchildren or young children of friends are perhaps a great deal more "savvy" than children once were when it comes to financial interests. Children can also be great repositories of good ideas when it comes to getting a property ready to list or sell. You might consider asking a grandchild or young adult for their ideas as to what makes a house desireable. High-speed internet? An intercom system? You may be surprised that you can learn a great deal about the the interests and needs of the coming generations if you ask some serious questions and listen well to the answers. Give it a shot. Ask a child what they would like to see in a home they would want to live in.

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