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Friday, June 30, 2006

A licensed realtor is required to maintain a schedule of classes which keep her or him up to date on current developments, law and practices in the field. Realtors must take a set number of hours of these classes every year or two. Ask your realtor what classes they have found most useful/helpful/important to know about. Just knowing the focus and theme of these classes can give you a sense of what the professionals in the field believe are the crucial issues in order to stay up to date with developments in the business.

A licensed realtor sometimes chooses to specialize in a type of sale, whether buyers or sellers or on a given area or a specific population, such as seniors, first time home buyers or professionals of a given type or kind. Ask your prospective realtor what he or she specializes in and why. Knowing more about the agent you are working with will give you a better sense of what they "bring to the table" in working for you.
I'd be glad to discuss my interest in focussing on Smart Moves for Seniors with you. Give me a call or drop a line.

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