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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Life moves on and so do we. Your needs change and so do your wishes. Its true--Nothing stays the same over the course of a life. Look at the size of new houses now compared with houses 30 years ago. Based on mounting fuel and electricity costs, forecasts are now that the sizes of houses will be shrinking again before long. It is more of an investment just to maintain and manage upkeep on a house than it was a year or two ago. Where will it be a year from now? The economy responds-- and so does the real estate market-- to demands and constraints upon it by the fluctuations of supply and demand. Hard to predict where things will be next year. You've learned a lot about that over the years.

A professional real estate agent also knows that change is inevitable when it comes to buying and selling. A buyer's market shifts to a seller's market and back again. Nothing stays the same. An agent keeps abreast the trends and turns in order to maintain his or her professional and competitive edge for sellers and buyers. Find an agent that is doing his or her research about current issues and tendencies in your area. Ask about the situation you are contemplating. You can learn a lot by listening and asking an agent important questions about the current market!

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