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Monday, June 12, 2006

The other day I spoke with an elderly woman who lives alone in her own home. Her washer and dryer are currently in her basement, and her adult children who live out of town are concerned about her going up and down the stairs. She has a first floor bedroom with a large closet outside the bedroom and next to a bathroom. A friend told her it would be easy to convert that closet to a laundry room with a stackable washer and dryer. She wouldn't, though, she feared, if that were done, have a place to hang her clothes. Looking at the bedroom it became clear that just moving a few pieces of furniture would allow space for a new closet to be constructed inside the bedroom. Later that day, she talked with the friend who said he could arrange for the renovations--which would not be that difficult to accomplish-- and she told me with delight that she was going to have the work done. In this case the pressure from her children didn't make any difference, but solving a practical problem--where to put her clothes--did. Once she saw that she could have a space for a closet she was ready to make a change in her space which would allow her present home to serve her and her needs for the foreseeable future.

Is there an easy solution to your situation that you are overlooking? Just having a different perspective on it can give you the key to solving the puzzle you are working on, whether its a change in your present home or a move to a new one. Let us know if we can help! Have a great day!


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