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Monday, June 05, 2006

Possibility thinking can take you further toward where you want to go than so-called realistic thinking. Is this pie in the sky thinking? No, not if you want to develop a new plan or vision of what you want. Realistic thinking can actually be negative thinking or self-defeating thinking at times. Spending a brief period of time every day and devoting yourself to possibility thinking can be an opportunity to really get in touch with your true self and your authentic needs and desires. So many of us become "realistic" too soon in life and some of us never regain the ability to imagine our lives in a different way. Give it a try. Entertain some new possibilities.

Don't let it stop there. Check out your possibilities with professionals who know something about the kinds of issues and concerns which will be necessary to make your possibilities realities. Financial consultants and real estate agents can give you a good understanding of the issues you may face if and when you begin to put your plan into motion. Smart moves involve internal and external conversations. Don't neglect either! Have a great day!


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