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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Reading the news about the real estate market you can be persuaded that it is "falling" or "gaining", depending on where you live and who you want to believe. You have to do a good amount of research to discove who you can place your confidence in when it comes to the current market. Who really can predict the market? Like Bears and Bulls there are those who are optimistic and others who are pessimistic about the future of real estate values. Regardless, a home is, for many, still the most important and substantial investment to be made, and there always is a need for housing whether the market is "up" or "down." A realtor who specializes in residential sales in your region and perhaps neighborhood can give you the best sense and appreciation for how sales are in your area. There is no charge or cost for inquiring about the current market in your area or in an area where you are considering moving. There is no obligation in asking for information from a professional salesperson, so if you find yourself puzzled about how sales are "holding up" in your area, call a realtor and ask some important questions.
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