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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Sometimes the decision about making a move is between remodeling and improving your current home so that it is more liveable and to your liking, or opting for something entirely different and beginning to search for a place you would rather be. How do you decide which makes more sense? There are many aspects to that issue and question including financial, personal, social, and even spiritual areas which all need attention and consideration before you become clear on what best suits you. Why not talk to a number of friends or colleagues who have opted for remodeling or moving and find out how they made their decision. Ask them if they are happy about their decision, and how time-consuming, expensive and demanding it was to enact it. Looking for something to talk about at parties, or other social events? You may gather a good amount of insight and appreciation for the complexities of your question and issue just by asking others about their experience. In the process, you may find some new friends or even business partners. Ask questions and listen carefully, thoughtfully and well. You have no doubt done so in many areas of your work and life already, so just take this as a friendly reminder to use this skill and resource in order to gather and gain important insight about your decision and issue.

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