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Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Summer Market has arrived, and you may be thinking that now is the time, if you are going to list and try to sell your house. Real estate is a major investment in your life, and you don't want to rush into anything, but you also have the sense that you had better make a decision soon if you want to "catch the wave" of housing sales. Too much to think about? Regardless of the sense of urgency you may be feeling, you have to give yourself the time and space to make some more important considerations and decisions about what your plans and options are. It sounds easy, but just beginning to think through the process and taking some basic steps in terms of your priorities can be a challenge. Writing some of those priorities down and listing your needs and wants is a beginning. Give it a shot! Just something as basic as taking time to clarify your own desires and constraints can move your on down the road. Go for it! We're here to help whenever and in whatever way we can. Have a great day!


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