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Thursday, June 15, 2006

What can a realtor do for you? A great deal! Finding a realtor who appreciates and understands your needs and who will work for your best interests is important. When you have someone who listens well to what your concerns and wishes are and who will work to help you obtain your goals, you have found a professional who is committed to giving you the best service you could obtain. When interviewing a realtor ask the important questions which matter to you. Ask if the agent knows the type of housing you are looking for and the area/region in which you are looking. Ask why they have gone into real estate. Get to know this person who may be someone you hire to work as your agent in helping you to move on with your life. Don't be shy! Be open and forthright about your concerns and listen carefully to the agent's responses.

Agents obtain a great deal of training in the process of becoming a real estate salesperson. Ask your prospective agent about it. A stringent set of classes and exams must be attended and passed. You have a great deal to gain by working with an agent who is a committed professional who knows his or her business and commits to make certain you get the best service possible. We'd love to hear from you about your concerns and questions.

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