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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Have you decided what you are looking for in your next move? Less work and responsibility? More freedom? A different location? Why not take the time to get down on paper the ten most important factors you would like to have as priorities in your next move or location. Once you have listed these, write a few words on why each item is important to you. Next make three categories: A-most important; B-fairly important and C-less important. Take the most and fairly important items and place numbers indicating your top to bottom prioritized items. Being clear on exactly what matters the most to you will clarify your needs so that you can focus on them with a clear intention to obtain them. Once you are clear on your list of priorities you will be in a better position to begin your research for your new situation. Its a simple task but it yields big rewards in terms of your focus and energy. Give it a try.

Certainly your next step is up to you. Once you are clear on what you are looking for, an experienced realtor can help you to move forward toward your goal. Give us a call. Send us a note. We're here to help. We'll work for you!

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