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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I once noticed a book entitled, Nothing Never Happens. Really, though it may seem that nothing is happening, below the surface there is something happening. This reminds me of another book entitled, Joy: Expanding Human Awareness, which, as the title suggests, shows that by looking beyond our usual vision to a broader perspective, we can more accurately see something we are missing or overlooking. Its a matter of perspective and what we bring to the way we look at things. Another friend used to say, "check assumptions." She often felt that many mistakes in judgement occur because she incorrectly assumed something that others did not take as a "given."

When it comes to listing or selling your house, its a good idea to check your assumptions. Would a prospective buyer really like to have all the bushes trimmed or removed from the front of the house? Would that drip under the kitchen sink not really matter? Does that noise the air conditioning makes when it comes on so routine that you don't notice it but a new buyer might? Check you assumptions and ask your realtor or an objective friend to give you their assessment of the situation.

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