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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Everyone hopes that your offer on a house or property will "hold firm." When you make an offer on a house by signing a contract and providing a monetary deposit to demonstrate your serious intent to purchase a house, however, read the fine print of the contract carefully to make certain that if the terms of the contract are not fulfilled or met, you're deposit (in full) will be returned to you. A contract often provides for specific issues and concerns which must be addressed and met by a given date (attorney's approval of the agreement, mortgage approval and inspection) or/and it provides (among other things) for your receipt of an acceptable inspection result for the property. Your lawyer may advise you of other concerns and issues or particulars which you should be aware of when he or she reviews the agreement shortly after your offer has been accepted and the contract has been countersigned by the seller.

Working with professionals who know real estate will give you a "heads up" on details that matter. Give us a call or drop us a note at your convenience.

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