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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

In a recent presentation to real estate professionals, the chief accountant for the National Association of Realtors suggested and said that he believes that the current shift from a Seller's to a Buyer's market will "shake out" as sellers adjust to the new reality of the real estate market. In time, and as this shift becomes clear to sellers who have listings which are not moving, sellers will adjust their prices to more realistic levels. This adjustment will, he believes, bring buyers now "sitting on the sidelines" back into the market. This man has met with the "Fed" and they, he believes, will keep interest levels where they are at this point and to the end of the year, which will also encourage buyers to purchase. The media has, he maintains, over-played the so-called "housing bubble" . The vibrancy of the real estate market is critical to the U.S. economy and any number of related industries. There is a national investment in keeping it vital and "robust."

What is going on in your neighborhood, as well as your city and state? It is more likely that factors which are local will have a greater impact on housing sales in your area. Give us a call. We can help to fill you in. Have a great day!


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