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Thursday, September 21, 2006

When you are considering applying for a mortgage, ask friends or coworkers to recommend companies with whom they have worked and with whom are they satisfied. You may feel that when you are applying for a mortgage, you are the one being investigated, but you should also investigate the companies you are considering doing business with at this time. There is a tremendous amount of competition for your business, and you really do want to find someone you have aa good deal of confidence and comfort in working with. Take your time to get a good sense of your mortgage broker's style and experience, and ask if they can provide references of those with whom they have worked and those whom you can contact for information. So as you provide financial information in your own application, be sure to do your own research on your own prospective broker. You owe it to yourself, and a good professional broker will appreciate your thoroughness and consideration.

We can help with suggestions and names of brokers you may want to consider. Give us a call!

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