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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

When you have an Open House scheduled, and it rains or snows, don't be discouraged. You can never tell what kind of weather encourages or motivates buyers to come to an Open House. One snowy, cold day, a friend visited an Open House and was the only buyer present. She and the realtor talked about the place and she had plenty of time to look around and begin to feel comfortable in it. She submitted an offer the next day. It was accepted.

It only takes one buyer, and sometimes just the "right" one comes along. Sunny days when more people may seem to be out looking can also be "slim" from the standpoint of prospective buyers. Often those who might otherwise be looking may be out enjoying the good weather rather than looking at houses. You can never tell. Either way, stay open to having an "Open House", rain or shine. It only takes one buyer who is qualified,motivated,and has had a chance to see and want to buy your house.

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