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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Astonishing results can be obtained with a can of paint. If you do nothing else to prepare your house for showing and sale, apply fresh paint to brighten and improve everything from the outside to the inside of your house. Fresh paint generally makes a good impression on prospective buyers as they compare one house to another. They'll appreciate and recognize that you have made an effort to maintain and "spruce up" your house. Recognizing that an owner has taken some extra time and effort to make it more appealing will generally do just that. Stay away from loud or distinctive colors. More neutral colors provide more opportunity for a 0rospective new owner to decorate and plan the decor to their own interest and liking. A realtor can give you some suggestions. Give us a call or drop us an email. We'll work for you.

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Wonder what if you waited til Spring to buy or to sell? That seems to be the conventional thinking in the housing market. The notion that you can attract more desireable buyers and/or homes by waiting seems to put many into hibernation until the Spring Thaw. By Spring other externals which impact the market, such as the Stock Market,Mortgage Rates, regional market changes and/or shifts will also have taken place which may/and could impact the selling and buying environment, so there's no guarantee that you will "do better" by waiting. The season for selling and buying is whenever interest or need dictates. You determine the best time for either activity. As realtors, we are ready and able to work in your best interest at any time of year. Give us a call and ask us any other questions you may have. We'll work for you.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

While checking realtors'websites and the newspaper's classified advertising for new listings is helpful for staying in touch with the housing market, the most up-to-date and thorough listing of houses on the market and available is the MLS (multiple listing service), which is available by working with a licensed realtor. A realtor can alert you to houses on the market which may not be advertised or included on websites, but that are,perhaps, "just what you are looking for." He or she can let you know more details about the house and arrange a showing, if you are interested in seeing it. A realtor can seek out answers to additional questions you may have, and let you know of changes and conditions or concerns with the listing as well. Do all the research you can, but check with a realtor to know the most current developments and situations in the housing market in your area.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

Making a shift to a new style of home (condo, apartment, townhouse or RV) or location (in the same neighborhood, across town, or out of state) takes some gumption. You have to give yourself some credit for making a change and allow some transition time to adjust to the change. Moving from a house filled with memories and memorabilia can be daunting enough, not to mention costly, but locating a new and "fresh" location can bring in some good energy and enthusiasm as well. Its a trade-off, as are most things in life. You have to open one door and close another in order to move ahead. We'd be glad to help you sort through the possibilties. Give us a call or drop us an email. We'll work with you.

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Watch your step! The front steps of your porch or house contribute to the first impression buyers receive as they enter your front door. Steps in poor and bad repair create the sense that the house is not well-cared for and the immediate impression may contribute to scepticism about the house regardless of how well you have landscaped and manicured the inside and outside of the property. Are the railings in good repair and adequate for easy and comfortable use? The front porch and the front steps of your house are the prelude to what could be a successful sale or a longer listing period. You can make a contribution to the outcome by making certain your front steps and porch are in great shape.

We can give you other suggestions on presenting your property. Give us a call or drop us a note. We'll work for you!

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Monday, November 06, 2006

Brr! The chill is in the air and the heat had better be on. When you are having an Open House, you may want to crank the heat up to a comfortable level so that visitors to the Open House will feel comfortable and so notice how well the heating system is working. Making prospective buyers physically comfortable and appealing to their senses is an indirect but powerful appeal to their potential interest in your house. More important than baking bread, or boiling spices on your stove, creature comfort dictates that buyers will take more time to look over and consider a house if they are not chilly or uncomfortable in it. If you have a fireplace, you might also consider having your agent or a friend stoke and maintain a fire in the fireplace while your Open House is going on. There are resources your house may have which you may be overlooking. Ask us what other suggestions might be worth your consideration to improve your houses's appeal. We'll work for you! Stay warm.

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Friday, November 03, 2006

The seasons bring changes to the temperatures as well as to the housing market. But don't be discouraged about "missing" what conventional wisdom dictates as the best time for the market. Buyers are as individual and unique in their needs and wishes as are the situations and conditions which may encourage sellers to list their homes. There is just no "right" or "wrong" time to put a house on the market or to go looking for one. Some may wait until the Spring, which traditionally has been seen as the best time to market a house, but sales are made year-round, including Christmas and even New Year's Eve. There are even some advantages at these times when less buyers are looking and fewer sellers are listing. Just the right buyer may come along when fewer folks are looking. Checking out houses in the colder Winter seasons gives buyers a chance to consider systems which may go unnoticed in warmer the windows leak? How much is heat costing? How is the insulation? Does the street get plowed regularly? Both sellers and buyers can more easily address these issues when the temperatures fall. Keep the needs of each season in mind as you look at houses, regardless of the time of year.

We can give you other suggestions to keep in mind. We'll work for you. Give us a call.

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wuthering Heights? Feeling like the neighborhood where you live has changed and isn't the desireable location it once was? Sometimes that old saying, "Location, Location, Location" has even more meaning when a neighborhood shifts and property values are affected to the downside. Making a commitment to your neighborhood and encouraging your neighbors to care about their property and their neighborhood is a smart move for everyone. Perhaps neighbors could spend less time noticing the little things (like not raking the leaves or sweeping the driveway) and more time noticing the big items which buyers take note of when they come by to preview a property. Take a look at the "big picture" in your neighborhood and get things heading in a better direction. Organize a neighborhood cleanup and recruit the neighbors to get to know one another better as well as build some "pride of ownership" in their house, their neighborhood and their market values. In a buyer's market the quality of the houses in a neighborhood matters more than ever.

Looking for suggestions about what you might keep an eye on? We can help. Give us a call. We'll work for you. Have a great day!