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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The market is in transition, its clear. Its a challenge to price a house in a transitional market. Its also a challenge to make an offer on one when change is so much the order of the day. Shifting sands don't hold still. There are still plenty of buyers interest and plenty of sellers posting signs in their yards. Some sell quickly and others last longer. We may see the return of the old "rent with an option to buy" before long if sellers become more eager to move their house along. We do see a number of "for rent or sale" signs popping up. What to do during a transitional market? Make yourself aware of the movement and sale of houses in your neighborhood and be realistic about how your house compares with those which have sold. Be as realistic as you can about what your property is actually worth in a transitional market. Price the house at a reasonable level to encourage buyers to take a closer look. You want to leave the door open for as many buyers as possible, then they can determine the market value of your house through multiple offers, if you are fortunate. We can help give you the lowdown on your street and neighborhood. Give us a call. We'll work for you!

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